Learn Chess Las Vegas with our upcoming private chess event. It will take place at Lake Las Vegas with a full day of chess lessons. Mike Peacock is here to share the secrets of chess.

I was mentored personally by Bobby Fischer’s best friend.

Mike Peacock

Learn how to become an Expert in a Day

At this event you will learn everything you need to be a successful Chess player and to impress your friends and family. If you want to go for more you can, because the information presented at this event will give you the tools to become a professional Chess player.

Sunday December 1st, 2019

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

1610 Lake Las Vegas Parkway
Henderson, NV 89011

Everything is reduced to simple concepts for an understanding of 10 years old child and will be a perfect gift for your kid/loved one, or if you don’t have children/loved ones, than you can compress your learning curve, from 35 years of studying to just one day.

chess las vegas event

The event is hosted in a very beautiful place, chosen especially to be a good match for the Game of Kings.

Just take a look on what people have to say about the area: “So beautiful and located in such a serene setting. I though I was in Tuscany! My wife was pampered in the spa while I strolled around the beautiful Lake. You will never believe you were 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The Hilton at Lake Las Vegas is our favorite go to place!!”

So, now go and check out and I will see you at the EVENT!

Mike Peacock

Still thinking? It’s okay! You did not participated to my event yet and that is why you are still sitting on the fence. Let me help you out.

Buy your tickets for our private Chess Event

Now I will spoil one surprise I prepared for the event and I will tell you that the price of the ticket will be worth it only for this: I was mentored personally by Bobby Fischer’s best friend. Did I opened up your interest now?
Go, check out and see you inside! Buy your tickets for your chess lessons Las Vegas!

Chess Lessons Las Vegas
Chess Lessons Las Vegas by Mike Peacock.

Chess Lessons Las Vegas

After 35 years of learning I, Mike Peacock found the algorithm in the Game of Chess. Learn the secret of Chess with me.

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Private Chess Lessons

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chess las vegas

Learn Chess Las Vegas

We want you to mainly learn chess so you can enjoy playing it. Take Chess to the next level and start showing off to your friends how good you are.

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