Chess Lessons Las Vegas

Chess Lessons Las Vegas is what Mike Peacock is here for. Mike has over 35 years specializing in Chess techniques. Mike Peacock wants to share the deepest secrets of chess in a one day private Chess Event in Las Vegas. Learn how to become a chess expert in a day!

Learn Chess in Las Vegas today! What better way to learn chess than in a one day chess event. At an affordable price of only $25, you can finally learn how to play advance chess.

Chess Lessons Las Vegas

Being mentored by Bobby Fischer’s best friend. Mike Peacock will teach you the best way on how to win in chess. Take our chess lessons with our special event. The chess event takes place in Lake Las Vegas.

Ready to Checkmate!

Learn the best moves in Chess. What better board game to learn the over 1,000 year game. Chess! Will show you how to move the two main pieces to force the King goodbye. Learning how to move the queen will give you many advantages.

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