How to become a chess expert in a day

How to become a chess expert in a day? Become a chess master in a single event held at Henderson Nevada! Finally, someone did it! Can you imagine what will happen if like minded people will meet together for one full day and will immerse in learning Chess? Take your Chess lessons Las Vegas today!

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Everything it’s a nice setup for advancing over night and be much better at Chess than the day before. Want to learn chess in Las Vegas? This is your opportunity!

To show you my good faith and willing to give you all the reasons to come, I will do something unheard it so far. I am willing to take a few people in standby, or standing. The idea that some people will not be able to come and will be so sad to have empty seats in the room.

About our Expert Chess event in a day

So, if you want that option, you will pay only $25.00. It is so cheap, because if the room will be full and the capacity will be met. Therefore, we will be forced to close the doors and you will be left outside. Finally with only the option to enjoy what this awesome location has to offer.

Of course, you will get your money back with my apologies, but this is all I can do. This was one of the reasons why I chose this gem, beautiful and secluded place for my event.

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