Learn how to become expert in a day

Learn how to become expert in a day with chess! This is your opportunity to learn the secrets of Chess in one day! Wy not beat your friends at chess all the time. How would you like to learn in one day how to become an expert in game of Chess? Join me at this event and will teach you how to play Chess.

At this event you will learn everything you need to be a successful Chess player and to impress your friends and family. Learn Chess in Las Vegas today! If you want to go for more you can, because the information presented at this event will give you the tools to become a professional Chess player.

Learn how to become expert in a day

Everything it’s a nice setup for advancing over night and be much better at Chess than the day before. Buy your tickets today!

This is one time offer just for those attendees who want to go further for Professional Chess Competitions and will be in my Team, because I want to spent the rest of my life getting as high rating in Chess as I can. Join me to the top!

Chess Lessons Las Vegas

Sales end on Dec 1, 2039
Playfectionist Coach 1O1 $ 10.00/Hr $ 50.00/10Hrs $ 100.00/20Hrs $ 200.00/50Hrs $ 500.00/100Hrs (Best offer)

If you want to learn further, after event I can offer you a membership addmission. The prices are as follows: $ 10.00/Mo $ 100.00/Yr $ 200.00/ 3 Yrs (Best Price)